i close my eyes and surround myself with darkness. in the distance I see a figure. I see you standing there alone, crying so silent. your voice echoes in my mind in this emptiness. i hear you say the words you always try to get out of me. Telling me I can be free. But i can’t seem to, you see. i’m afraid. you’re a murky vision in this empty space. if only you took a step closer. i wish to hold you close and fill the gap that sends you away. if only you came forward. i’d know you better. but you’re all the way there. obscuring away from my senses. and each time we speak the darkness grows. your voice, quieter. I can’t quite make out the words you say any more. as if you’re talking in code. I’m beginning to question your disposition. you’re fading when i want to hold you close. I never wanted to lose you.

I open my eyes and you’re nowhere in sight. you’re long gone.


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