drunken heart


from which you seek the most abuse

you know you won’t love what you find

yet being the fool you are

seek and seek

with expectations as low as none

you hope

hope that you’ll proven wrong

but you’re never wrong

you see everything for what it is

but still you seem to take every hit

you pretend to be blind

because you think your time will come

when the truth is no longer abuse

but for now you accept every gut wrenching lie

and every smile and every tear

you’ll hold on as long as you can

with your heavy heart and broken lungs

kindness conceals all

for you find that this is the way things were meant to be

meant to be for you that is

that the happiness you dreamt of was but a bittersweet nightmare

never knowing when to stop

always at the point of shattering

yet every piece, you feel, will one day come together again

when you no longer have to worry

when you’re finally free



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