Back in the 10th. 

After all the years that have passed . i still seem to find myself on that same couch.  it’s the same accusation just someone else making it. What started it all. Happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Only i know who i am and what im thinking and what im doing. And when someone else comes around. Thinking they have me figured out. I feel helpless. helpless because you can’t always change someone who’s so sure. You can’t make them see what you see if they dont want to. Once they’ve gotten an image of you. it’s hard to erase. Despite showing them that you’re not even close to what they think you are. That image remains. Their experience remains. There’s nothing that’s driven me more insane than being misunderstood. I can’t seem to find a way to say exactly what i mean. And i guess that’s why i say little. I can’t alter one’s interpretation. If there’s something i said or did and the other takes it wrong what am i supposed to do? Explain myself? What if the explanation is not enough? Then what. How do I let someone assume and feel hurt and be okay with that. That’s when i break. 


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